The Wholeness Institute

Our Mission

Our mission is to share a distinct, Christ-centered approach to wholeness and serve as a resource to the campus, community, and the world.

Loma Linda University Health

From its beginnings in 1905, the teaching and healing ministry at Loma Linda University Health (“LLUH”) has aspired to address the interconnected aspects of one’s well-being. That whole person approach is embedded in our discovery, education, practice, and service activities across our schools, clinics, hospitals, and communities. LLUH has been critically acclaimed for its comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to improving health, including physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being. But there has been a growing body of peer-reviewed literature and increased public discussion confirming our previously unique emphasis on the whole-person. The establishment of the Wholeness Institute will bring strategic focus and energy to LLUH’s application of the original wholeness message into the 21st century, and will operate as a resource for research, education, practice, and service.

The Institute will leverage and resource research, education, clinical services and community engagement assets to accomplish the mission. Collectively, Wholeness Institute projects are designed to create a body of interdisciplinary work that results in research, programming, and materials to assist individuals, organizations, and communities on their unique journeys to wholeness.

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